New disabled toilet facilities....

We now have greatly improved disabled toilet facilities, part funded by a generous grant from Bromsgrove District Council Small Grants Scheme. We want to continually enhance all aspects of the hall - with the aim of ensuring the benefits can be enjoyed by all members of the community. 


A defibrillator for the village

The Village Hall Committee are delighted to announce that we have now installed a public access defibrillator at the entrance to the hall. We are also delighted to report that we have now raised the funds to cover the full cost of this valuable and potentially life saving resource. We are very grateful for the help and support offered by Rob Underwood of Charlotte and Craig Saving Hearts Foundation who has delivered some  excellent training for us. Please find out more about this very worthwhile charity by visiting their website 

The defibrillator has now been be officially "opened" by the new Home Secretary Sajid Javid .


2018 Village Show - update

Another fantastic year. Over £1000 raised towards the upkeep of the hall. Look out for pictures in the Village magazine.


Coffee mornings

We hold regular coffee mornings at the Hall. Tea, coffee cakes stalls and a chance to meet and chat with neighbours. - the one in March 2018 raised £350 half of which will go towards the upkeep of the hall and half to a nominated charity - Brain Tumour Research. We also held one on Saturday 1st December which raised the same amount- half of the proceeds to the hall, half to Prostate Cancer UK. Join us for the next event - Easter Saturday 20th April 11.00am - 12.30pm


New windows 

We have invested in new double glazing to improve the comfort and thermal efficiency of the hall. We hope you like the new windows. 





Monday to Thursday    9.30 - 1pm Finstall Pre-school Playgroup Emma Martin - 07903 560787

Monday                         7 - 8.30pm Chi and Tea (Tai Chi Class).  Michelle Baker - 07702 404077.  Fran Merrony- 1386 792087

                                    2 - 4pm      WI Finstall and Cofton Hackett (meet first Monday of every month)

Tuesday                        7 - 9.30pm WI Finstall Cross (meet second Tuesday of every month).

                                    7 - 9.00pm Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide SOBS (third Tuesday of every month). Karen Edgar Tel-07811172767.

                                    7 - 9.00pm WI Finstall Cross crafts (fourth Tuesday of every month)

Wednesday                   2 - 3.00pm Tai Chi Louise Morey - 07895 005487

                                    7 - 9.00pm 4U Fitness Claire Cross - 07793235594


Friday                           10.30 - 12.30pm Tiny Talk Baby Signing.  Sarah Phillips - 07726 165065

                                      5 - 6.00pm Beavers (for young children) 6.30 - 7.30pm Cubs 8.00 - 9.30pm Scouts 7.30pm-9.30pm. Link-:

Saturday:                    8.30 - 10.30am  Yoga Gill Hooper-Tilsley - 07766 741629







The Rhyme of Finstall Village

Tune – “the Vicar of Bray”


In Ancient records Finstall Heath

Doth often find a mention.

Of manor lands it formed a part,

It’s not a new invention.

Stoke Prior monks ruled, ‘tis said

Casbridge and Little Finstall,

By Withybrook their steps they sped

To shrine of stately Godwall


Chorus – Now let us sing, we will maintain

Mid all our toil and tillage

With loyal heart the ancient fame

And lore of Finstall Village


As years rolled on where once was heath

Grew up in due rotation,

The farmers’ broad and waving crops,

The gardeners’ vegetation.

One after one our cottage homes

Sprang up in due succession,

The plough turned up the rabbit holes,

And man came in possession.


Chorus – Now let us prize, whate’er betide

Mid all our toil and tillage

The hearths and homes that are the pride

And love of Finstall Village.


Still as the years roll on, they bring

A change to all our quiet,

The railway mounts the steep incline,

The motor cars run riot.

The telegraph and telephone

Spread out in all directions

And bind us with the world at large

In intimate connections.


Chorus – But howsoever we may range

And go from toil and tillage

To see the world we will not change

Our love of Finstall Village.


Within its midst we will contrive

Some way to hold together,

And keep our hearts and hands alive

Whatever be the weather.

We’ll raise a house of wood and stone

Where one and all may muster

Within its walls one aim we’ll own

And round its doors we’ll cluster


Chorus – Now let us sing, we will maintain

Mid all our toil and tillage

A place to keep out wind and rain

And meet in Finstall Village


The thing is done – and we have here

A common ground of meeting,

Where everyone can find a place

And ready smile of greeting.

One brick away would quite have spoilt

The building’s sure foundation:

So all are needed, each can help,

Whate’er his work or station.

Chorus – Now let us sing, we will maintain

Mid all our toil and tillage

Of firm good will the glorious reign

And rule of Finstall Village